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Geisler and Associates was founded on the belief that high quality ingredients are critical to the development of high quality products. We pride ourselves on only carrying Grade A products provided by growers we carefully screen to insure that what we sell meets our rigorous standards and the client’s expectations.

The One Call Promise - At Geisler and Associates, to get the quality you want and the service you deserve requires only one call – the only reason for a second call will be to re-order.

Specializing in natural and organic, as well as conventional products, Geisler and Associates is committed to supplying the food industry only the very best Conventional and Organic Nut Meats, Tropical and Domestic Dried Fruits, Seeds, Flours and Grains along with the highest degree of professional service. We’re proud of the fact that ninety percent of our products are from California growers who meet the high standards our reputation demands by providing you the premium ingredients your product requires.

A History of Quality and Service - Anthony (Tony) Geisler founded Geisler and Associates in 1982. After earning a PhD from MIT, Geisler held a number of positions in the corporate food world, ending his corporate career as President of J Hungerford Smith, now a part of ConAgra. Leaving the corporate world, he started his food brokerage company with the idea that the key to being a successful broker was to combine the best products with the best service. That tradition of high quality products and superior service remain the foundation upon which Geisler and Associates continues to grow and serve.

The Company is now owned and operated by Donald R. Laudano, who is committed to carry on the legacy of Tony Geisler. Donald knows from his many years of experience in the food service industry that providing customers the very best product in an efficient and courteous manner is the only way to run a business.